Neon FAQs


How do I hang my wall mount neon sign?
Is a remote and dimmer required for my LED neon light?
Are your LED neon lights battery-powered or plug-in?
Do neon signs work outdoors?
What are my options for a backboard?

Design your own NEON HQ Sign

What colour is available?
How many fonts are available?
What if I need a sign that I can't make with your customized tool?
Do you provide free design services?

Production/ Manufacturing FAQ’s

How are NEON HQ lights being made?
Where are NEON HQ signs being made?
What other types of signs can you do?

Payment/ Shipping

What are your payment and billing T&C’s?
What are shipping costs?

Returns & Warranty

What is your return policy?
What is the return procedure at NEON HQ?
Is there a warranty on my new sign?