Top 5 Office Neon Signs Ideas

Call it clever methods for advertising or keeping your employees pumped up, neon signs can make your office fun and popular. Neon lights are not just to brighten up the rooms but can be educational, inspirational, and an informative focal center. Many people wish to work in an entertainment-friendly space, and you can use neon lights in small offices or in large areas where various colleagues share an entire floor. If you have an office, you should consider neon light signs to brighten up every employee’s day.

Let us look at some custom neon sign ideas for your office.

Idea #1- Your Company Essentials: One of the best things you can do with custom LED neon signs is to use them for personalized projects. A majority of businesses use them for their company name, logo, and caption signs. Since neon signs are visible from a distance, businesses hang these signs outside their buildings to advertise themselves. You can also put them in the reception area, waiting halls, and any other crucial office space.

Idea #2- To Guide: Whether your office serves customers in person or you want your new employees to reach their assigned positions quickly, neon signs can easily direct them to the right place. New visitors can see them from some distance and will be impressed at your efforts to make their visit easier. Some signs that you can use for guiding are the entry, exit, emergency stairs, emergency exits, and washroom signs.

Idea #3- To Mark Different Rooms: If your office has many rooms that you want to differentiate from one another so the employees know each one’s purpose, you can mark them with neon lights in Australia. For instance, if you are a gaming studio, you can place signs that are all about gaming or a design of the most popular game around the studio to signify different spaces.

Idea #4- Encouraging Phrases: It’s not just Monday blues that hit hard. Your employees may not feel their best on random days too. However, as their employer, it is your duty to inspire them and reduce some pressure off their everyday workplace struggles. One thing that can almost instantly brighten up someone is…lights! You can customize neon signs to write some encouraging, positive, or even funny words and phrases like “hustle,” “Inhale, Exhale,” “Believe in Yourself,” and more. It is well known that a relaxed environment can lead to more productivity and efficiency, and your office can be all about that with some catchy neon quips and wits.

Idea #5- Warnings or Prohibitions Signs: One of the primary applications of neon light signs is sending your message across the room, so why not use them for just that? Every office has some rules in place to maintain uniformity and discipline on the premises. For instance, you can inform the employees about prohibited zones and the no-smoking policy using well-lit neon signs. 

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