Top 5 Neon Signs To Buy For Your Bar

Neon lights have long been used as location marks to let people know where your bar is. But today, they are moving in through the doors and zesting up the interiors with their eye-catching designs and bright lights. You can find many formats for neon bar signs in Australia that can completely alter the customer’s mood. If you run a bar and want to attract more people to your establishment, setting up neon signs would be a great way.

Why Use Custom Neon Bar Lights?

  • It is attractive: Neon lights generally have attention-grabbing quality, but they become especially glowing in the dark.
  • It is a cost-efficient decor: Decorative items can be pretty expensive, but you can get custom neon signs in Melbourne at a reasonable price. They also do not consume much energy, saving costs on electricity.
  • They are safe: While traditional lights have gases, neon lights do not. They are also unbreakable and safe to be put in bars.
  • They entice new customers: The craze of taking photos in front of custom cocktail bar neon sign and posting them on social media has become a trend. This method promotes your business to other people who want to try new things. 

Neon Signs To Buy For Your Bar-

Design #1- Establishment name and logo: The most common custom neon signs design that most commercial establishments and bars use is the name and logo of the place. You can get them in a variety of colors to match the vibes of your establishment.

Design #2- Quote neon signs: Textual custom neon signs are very popular amongst people. You can make your own neon signs like “stop thinking, start drinking,” “a little party never killed anybody,” and “Cheers!”

Design #3- Custom abstract designs: Many bar owners also like to hang custom abstract designs to enhance the overall interiors of the bar. You can get a woman’s back, rose, lips, and skull face. Many with musical inclination also get a guitar on fire, music notes, and other music-related items as their neon signs.

Design #4- Cocktail neon signs: Many establishments hang neon signs representing their menu options. For instance, you can get a customized beer mug, tequila, wine glass, and cocktail glasses designed to show what is available and to represent an alcohol-serving establishment.

Design #5- Random designs neon signs: Some stunning random designs can lift the entire view of your bar. You can get trending arts, song lyrics, celebrity faces, and much more custom-designed for your bar where people can take selfies and promote your establishment to their followers.

About NEON HQ-

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