Common Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Neon Signs

Neon signs are a fantastic tool to advertise your business and send the message across the room precisely (and brightly!). When your customers see a cool neon signs hanging at your place, they easily remember your brand name. Neon signs are also great at transforming a dull room into an attractive and fun space to hang out, as you can create them in practically any design of your choosing. However, if your custom design is not distinct, it can do the opposite of attracting customers to your place. Understanding the potential mistakes can help you omit them.

Here are some common mistakes to avoid while buying neon signs-

Mistake #1- Not Keeping it Simple: Most businesses think advertising their entire story will attract more customers, which is not true. Instead of promoting your strong points on a small neon sign, keeping it simple with the business name should be more than enough.

Mistake #2- Selecting Wrong Fonts and Colours: Many people do not consider the font style and colour composition of neon light signs. Your design should have contrast to build up a sounder effect. Moreover, you should make sure the colour and texts used in your neon signs are time-friendly. Most neon signs tend to blend into the daylight so much that they practically disappear. Make sure your sign is visible enough in the brightest sunlight too.

Mistake #3- Not Considering the Location: Determining where you will hang the neon sign is crucial. You should make the design considering the area available, the purpose of the sign, and the location and position of the neon sign. The size of the text and design will also depend on the location. If your area is large, getting a big sign is preferred and vice versa. Whether you get a neon sign for indoors or outdoors, it is essential to design something that relates to your intention.

Mistake #4- Overcrowding the Background: Providing a white space for neon signs is important. It allows the viewer to read the text or design clearly. If you overcrowd the room with too many signs hung closely, they will not attract the viewer towards them effectively. If you create a neon sign entirely of text, make sure you keep the spacing perfect to avoid the merging effect.

Mistake #5- Not Directing Correctly: Custom LED neon signs send a message about something to the viewer. Making sure about the correct eye movements is critical to ensuring that the viewer is being guided in the right direction. For instance, if you point an arrow upwards, the customer will look up, but if there’s nothing relevant to your business, they will get distracted and not pay any attention to the sign, resulting in your message not being delivered in the way you wished.

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