5 Eye-Catching Neon Color Palettes to Wow Your Viewers

Whether you use them for personal or business purposes, neon lights can help you attract the attention of your viewers. However, just as important as getting the logo design and brand caption correct, selecting the perfect color palette for your neon signs is also essential. Your customers should be able to connect to the colors. The palette you choose also decides the mood your customer stays in and changes it to happy, excited, and calm, whatever suits your purpose. Although it is not easy to match the colors, to captivate your viewers successfully, you should know about the trendiest color schemes, color theory, and the color wheel.

Let us see some eye-catching neon color palettes you can use in your signs to wow your viewers-

Palette #1- Neon Fall Palette: Although the soft fall colors and fluorescent neon colors seem to be the two very different ends of the color bar, surprisingly, they perfectly complement each other. You can think of the neon shades as the extroverts that balance out the introvert nature of fall shades. Especially if you have a season-based promotional campaign, using a palette different from the customary rust colors will be inviting to your targeted customers. Cyan, orange, deep blue, and cherry red give the perfect pairing to the autumn leaves in nature.

Palette #2- Rainbow Palette: If you are looking for more vibrant shades that check all the boxes in the modern tech-forward generation’s favorites list, you should go with the neon rainbow palette. It includes ice blue, blue, pink, and golden shades to give electronic vibes. You can make your own neon signs with single tones as well. They will still grab your viewer’s attention if you don’t want to use the complete palette.

Palette #3- Electronic Palette: The electronic palette is quite similar to the rainbow palette. The electronic palette is entirely vibrant shades with no warm tones. You can create an electronic color palette design your own neon sign using ice blue, blue, pink, and purple hues. It connects to the teen and influences much better than other tones. These shades will function most efficiently if you create the ambiance lights with these shades with indoor neon signs.

Palette #4- Night Aurora: Everyone is in awe of how stunning the Aurora Borealis are. You can effortlessly transfer those lights to your business neon signs. The primary hues included in this palette would be neon green, yellow, orange, red, and golden. To give it the best chance, complete the neon sign with a deep blue or black backboard.

Palette #5- Frozen Pinks: If you wish to go for more subtle shades that are not conventional and still pop out of the traditional view, you can try hues of blue and pink. Choose baby pink, pink, magenta, electric blue, and cyan to create the frozen pinks.

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