Best Neon Signs to Gift to Your Sister

Neon signs are becoming very popular today. You can see people decorating their homes, offices, and businesses with neon signs. They are a perfect fit for regular use, occasions, and celebrations, making them a great present. If you have a sister who loves decorating her place or is an interior decorator, neon signs are the best gift you can give her. Whether you want a minimalist design, a pre-made light, or custom LED neon signs, you can get them all in the market.

Why Neon Signs are the Best Gifts-

  • They are customisable: While neon signs can fit in any place, you can design your own neon sign in your sister’s favourite design.
  • They are inexpensive: It is challenging to find a present for your sister at an affordable price. However, you can get neon signs in any format, like hanging, standing, etc., at reasonable prices.
  • They are safe: Neon signs do not contain any toxic gas and have PVC tubing with an acrylic backing, making them safe to gift to anyone.
  • They are energy-efficient: These signs do not consume much electricity to light up any place.
  • They are free advertisements: If your sister runs a business, these are perfect gifts for her as customers love to take photographs with them and post them over social media, giving you free advertising.

Here are the best neon light signs to gift your sister-

Neon Sign #1- Girl boss: As mentioned earlier, if your sister runs her own business, this neon sign would be perfect for motivating her to do her best and never give up.

Neon Sign #2- Moon neon sign: This white-coloured neon light in the shape of a crescent moon is a perfect fit for your sister’s room which she can also use as a night light. 

Neon Sign #3- A rose: Rose has been a symbol of beauty for centuries. But the downside of flowers is that they die after a few days. However, a rose neon light in vibrant shades will be an excellent gift for your sister to hang in her room.

Neon Sign #4- Freedom neon sign: The freedom neon sign is a symbol to show gratitude for living free. Give your free-spirited sister this sign to decorate her room.

Neon Sign #5- Aesthetic facial silhouette: If your sister loves aesthetic arrangements, you can give her customised neon lights in Australia with different designs or facial shapes.

Neon Sign #6- Crown neon sign: Every girl loves to see herself wearing a crown. If your sister is young and loves princess tales, you can gift her crown neon signs for home.

Neon Sign #7- Quotes neon sign: If your sister loves reading books or has a favourite neon light quotes buy & lyric, you can get it quoted as a hanging neon sign.

About NEON HQ-

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